Rooting My Old Phone for the Learning Experience

I have always wanted to root a phone. I would not try it with any of my new phones I had received over the years. I would not want to jeopardize their warranties. However, when I upgraded my smartphone this time I decided to root my old phone as an experiment. I see on the Internet that people are looking for unlocked and rooted phones anyway. I figured there was not much to lose since I already had a new phone. I went to downlaod framaroot apk to my phone to be able to root and fully unlock it. I had never done anything like that before, so I was a bit nervous.

I started by restoring the phone to its out-of-the-box condition. Then I did the recommended updates for the built in apps. Then I went ahead to downlaod framaroot apk to run it on my phone. The rooting software, or app as people refer to it now, was pretty straightforward to use. I was able to unlock and take control of my old phone that was branded to my cellular provider. Read the rest of this entry »

The World of Online Fishing Games

Normally when fishing, you are supposed to be under the sun with a rod & reel in your hand, while being on a lake several miles from where you live. That’s why fishing, while comfortably seated on the sofa sounds strange…but you can do exactly that.

In this fast-paced computer world we are living in right now, everything is possible with a simple click on your computer. Software geniuses developed a way for fishermen to find pleasure in fishing inside the four corners of their homes. They created fishing games online.

Online fishing games are now popular over the net and are appreciated by those who do real life fishing and even for those who do not. Search engines provide a wide array of free fishing games to choose from, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. The games cater players of all ages, from kids to adults who love the idea of fishing.

Bass fishing games come in a variety of versions. This level of games provides players a more realistic view of each scene you go to. You can choose from different rivers and lakes for you to invade. The game developers cultivated a well illustrated environment in every level to ensure each player’s ultimate online fishing game satisfaction. Most bass fishing games in the market today give will even give you the chance to select your own boat from the many types available. You can freely have whatever piece of rod, lures and other fishing items you want to from their lines of accessory choices. So, it is like entirely just like fishing for real. It is just that, it is more relaxing as you can do it anytime you want to, everyday. Basically, bass fishing games give you a way of practicing the “your game, your choice” rule.

Can one get bass fishing games for free? If so, how can I have one? The answer is – you can. One can easily download these games from the internet to the computer. It’s that simple. Once you had it downloaded, you can instantly enter the challenging world of fishing. As it is online, one great benefit for you to have is that you will be able to connect to other online fishing gamers all over the world. There are bass fishing games which even offer online competitions for people who are willing to accept challenges.

So, for those who do not have any real fishing experience, this is the best way for you to know how it feels to be a fisherman. Learn the basics, be introduced to different fishing methods and acquire more techniques through an almost true to life internet fishing.

Take the chance today and try the games. You might just get addicted once you discover that you had a passion for it all along.

Read About Free Fishing Games For Kids

If you are an avid fisher then you should know the excitement of hooking fish on your line whether it is just for fun or for food. Many people find this an exhilarating hobby because they enjoy the out door atmosphere and the relaxation that fishing experience offers them. But there are other people who enjoy playing indoor games like the video or online internet games that are extremely easy to access. There are many people who are home bound due to various reasons and playing online games is a great way of passing their time. And today online games are becoming the order of the day.

Well, if you cannot go out fishing you could at least play online fishing games. There are many ways you can play these games. Either you can buy these games from stores, or download them from gaming sites or better still you can play free online fishing games. The Flash games are generally played with the help of a keyboard and the mouse. There are different fishing games like The Strike, Big Catch Bass Fishing, and Rapala. You will also find that there are games that can be played as tournaments like the Fishing Master. There is a Fishing Master World Tour game that gives you the opportunity to go fishing in places that you may never have the chance to visit in real life.

In these online games you will find Wii accessories and tools like the rods and poles that you are so designed you feel they are the real things that you would use when actually going fishing and many of these games are very similar to the real life sport.

You also have the Virtual Fishing which is another variety of the fishing game and believe it or not they will actually improve your fishing skills. In the game called Bass fishing you are offered the choice to play with a real fishing rod where you can manage the wheel at home. In many of these games the game controller is used as the fishing rod as you go out into the water and get your fish. The games have such good graphics that are so real to life that you feel the adventure that you experience in real life fishing and the real life sounds effects really give you the same thrill that you would experience when you are out on a lake or river trying to reel in fish.

With the great strides that technology is making everyone seems to be enjoying the excitement of computer fishing that more and more hard core fishing enthusiasts are beginning to look to the online games when they are unable to go out fishing.

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